Quality Engineering Services

Testing Services for Right-the-First-Time Releases

Leveraging our ISO9001 certified processes, methodologies, and automated testing approach, we help our customers achieve successful product launches, the first time.

As a company, we develop software which enables our team to grasp the concepts, technology and rigors required in offering Quality Engineering Services. Our approach of modern and adaptable testing tools expedites development and deployment and identifies what areas of your project are in need of further tuning.

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Benefits of Working with BioSoft Integrators

LIMS Implementation

Software Experience with Scientific Expertise

LIMS workflow

Third Party Testing offers Unbiased verification of developed software

LIMS Interface

Near Shore Testing Services Reduces costs

LIMS Low Cost

Development, Documentation & Testing expertise in Regulated and Non-regulated applications

Lab System

Can execute according to Client's SDLC or Our Own

ISO 9001

ISO9001 Certification

Examples of What We Can Test

  • User Interfaces
  • Verification of User Guides, Service Manuals, Quick Steps
  • Instrument Communication Drivers
  • Analysis Algorithms and Calculations
  • Integration Testing
  • System Security
  • Blackbox/Whitebox Testing
  • Sample Traceability
  • End-to-End Testing involving multiple intermediate steps
  • Customer Portals

Why Partner with BioSoft Integrators as your

Testing Services Provider?

We have a Quality Engineering Team highly prepared to identify the needs of each project, using processes to save time and money.

Agile Testing

To achieve speed and agility, it is important to automate all the testing processes and configure them to run automatically.

Scientific Testing Software

Software Testing

DevOps Testing

Our Quality Engineers provide continuous corrective feedback to the development team, while development is ongoing, ensuring iterative releases of tested product.


BioSoft Integrators’ Quality Engineering Services encompass the Software Testing Life Cycle, Test Consulting and Test Advisory Services, Test Implementation, Automated Test Development and Execution, Managed Testing Services including Test Environment Management and Test Data Management.

Using diverse technology platforms and with more than three decades of software experience, BioSoft Integrators addresses the customer needs by implementing manual and automated testing approaches.

Benefits of Automated Testing

The introduction of automation to the quality assurance process helps organizations enhance performance.

Automated testing


Automated testing can check details that would be cost prohibitive to test manually.


Using automation allows for large numbers of test case variations to be inspected, without sacrificing time. Types of interactions to automate: multiple operating systems, browsers, connection speeds, user behavior scenarios, etc.

Large data test
Automated Testing


Automated tests can be executed without manual labor and can run 24 hours/day, 7 days a week.


The possibility to quickly spot a bug during development cycles help reduce expenses and working hours to fix them.

Find Bugs
Testing precision


An automated testing approach is precise and less subject to human error. Our qualified Quality Engineers design automated test scripts to fit the verification goals.

Automated Testing We Can Do

Performance Testing