Software Development

Design, Develop, Test

Providing custom software design, development and testing services for life science clients is core to what we know. We can use our own rigorous ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System or our clients’ QMS in developing regulated and non-regulated software solutions.

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Generic Development

Laboratory processes are second nature to us. Our LabOptimize LIMS is an industry leading laboratory tracking system designed to integrate all aspects of a company’s workflow from sales to inventory management and procurement, with the actual sample handling being one part of the overall process. Our expertise in connectivity and our three decades of experience in laboratory applications offers our clients a unique partner in developing software. When looking for software support in all areas of life science, contact BioSoft Integrators.


PROBLEM: A start-up was preparing to launch a suite of products that required complete traceability of reagents, electronic receipt and placement of orders, and integration of all equipment involved in production. Manufacturing involved in-house and externally sourced raw materials.
SOLUTION: BioSoft Integrators implemented our LabOptimize LIMS and developed custom software to connect to the client’s existing inventory, ERP and order and fulfillment systems for complete chain of custody.


PROBLEM: A company with many remote collection sites was gathering data from multiple locations in a variety of formats. Despite their best efforts, the data uploaded required hours of reconciliation and in some cases, the manual reformatting of data was corrupted causing experiments to be completed multiple times. The process was wasteful of time, resources and reagent/equipment costs.

SOLUTION: Creation of an Easy To Use application that guided a user through the data upload process and auto-validated that the format of data was compliant and uniform. Added efficiency was gained with automatic uploading and file naming to the desired server location.

Agile Development Process

Our development is done using the Agile Development Model

Agile means iterative development. This is what the development journey looks like when partnering with BioSoft Integrators:

  • LIMS Development


    Meet and define requirements and priorities.

  • LIMS Development


    Research solutions.
    Check for understanding.

  • LIMS software


    Proceed with design.
    Check for understanding.

  • LIMS software


    Start development in manageable chunks (sprints).
    Check for understanding.

  • LIMS software


    Proceed with testing to ensure the developed software is meeting requirements.
    Check for verification.

  • LIMS software


    Proceed with supporting launch activities.
    Support validation and sustaining activities for as long as you need us.

    Advantages of using our Agile Development Model:

  • Interpretation is continually checked and verified before and during development.
  • Development deliverables can be implemented along the way instead of at the end of the project.
  • Because development is being verified, new features and options can be caught during development so that the end product provides a better solution than what could originally be defined.

Areas of Expertise

Adherence to a defined SOP can be guaranteed with guided work instructions, traceability and tailored analysis. Whether your lab is processing samples manually or automated, BioSoft Integrators can guide your technicians and track the process, beginning to end.

LIMS Development


A visual representation of what to do. We can design a UI/UX in accordance with your company’s standards and color-schemes.


Automatically import/export data adhering to uniform format, security and processing requirements to safeguard consistent results.

LIMS Development
LIMS Development

Record Keeping

Trace all aspects of laboratory processing to withstand auditing requirements and to highlight process improvement areas.


Custom-built algorithms or informatics to generate results based on your scientific expertise.

LIMS Development
LIMS Development

Automation Support

Applications expertise to develop protocols on automated liquid handlers.

Device Integration

Capture full connectivity with all instrumentation with API communication. We cab develop the API or software driver to enable remote control of most any device.

LIMS Development
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QA on development is key to verification and validation efforts and our competent staff has rigorous diagnostic documentation experience.


Development of methods to verify developed software addresses development goals.

LIMS Development