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BioSoft Integrators is an expert in designing High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions specifically for genomic analysis, but we also offer continuous support because keeping your data flowing is the sole purpose of your HPC. Installing a HPC in your lab requires maintenance and monitoring. Maintenance and monitoring involves three areas: hardware verification, HPC performance tuning and auditing analysis package needs. Over time, checking the hardware and infrastructure of your HPC ensures optimal up-time. Confirming that the configuration of your system is aligned with your changing lab needs safeguards efficiency and speed of results. As analysis packages evolve, staying current secures that your data is being processed according to industry advances.

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HPC and genomic analysis expertise

Our solution conserves your IT resources. IT departments are typically supporting many organizational functions and knowledge about high performance computing related specifically to genomic analysis is a rare combination to find. With three decades of experience in supporting the computing needs of genomics labs, BioSoft Integrators is the logical choice when selecting an HPC partner.

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