High Performance Computing (HPC)

An HPC designed specifically for Genomic Analysis

NGS Technology relies on having enough power and storage to perform large scale genomic processing. Our HPC solutions are turnkey appliances configured specifically for today's & tomorrow's sequencing needs.

Are your data needs

What about your costs?

Key Benefits of our HPC solutions:

Turnkey for Genomic Analysis

Turnkey Appliance configured specifically for genomic analysis

NGS Analysis HPC

Superior HPC Support by experienced experts in NGS analysis

Fast installation HPC for NGS

White Glove Installation delivers a system ready to process data within 4 hours of installation

Lower cost that Cloud Options

Lower Cost than Cloud Options

Speed HPC for NGS datasets

Designed for Speed specific to NGS datasets

HPC for Genomic Analysis

Maximum Reliability using tier 1 components

HPC for Genomic Analysis

Pre-Configured Analysis Integration -20+ analysis packages are installed and tested to ensure functionality upon installation

HPC for Genomic Analysis

Security in having a local installation without cyber risks

HPC for NGS analysis

High Performance Computing Continuing Support

BioSoft Integrators offers high-performance servers and modular storage products. Our HPCs are flexible and scalable for genomic data analysis. Our solution conserves your IT resources by being remotely supported by our staff, who are experts in computing needs for NGS. A BioSoft Integrators HPC can be quickly and easily added to or reconfigured your lab can keep pace with changes to your computing needs with virtually no system down-time.

The system is tuned specifically for multiple high-through put sequence-analysis workflows. Whether you’re using Illumina, PacBio or another sequencing technology, this system is right for you. Our HPCs are pre-loaded with all open-source analysis packages so when the system arrives, you are processing samples a few hours after installation.

BioSoft Integrators named “Top 20 HPC Providers” by CIOReview Magazine

2018 CIOReview

Top HPC for NGS

Reliance on BioSoft Integrators for HPC Support

A large, multi-national pharmaceutical company needed an HPC for their sequencing needs. Corporate security rules required a local HPC be installed but IT resources were limited and not versed on genomic analysis. BioSoft Integrators installed a 192-core cluster configured with 30+ analysis packages. The HPC was installed and processing data on the first day of install.

A local HPC saves labs money

A international customer was considering a cloud-based HPC solution for a project that would last 5+ years. The cost of the cloud-based solution was compared to a locally installed solution from BioSoft Integrators. Fees for cloud-based solution included: access & storage fees, high-speed internet charges, and processing time. It was found that a BioSoft Integrators HPC would pay for itself in 1 year. The comparison did not include the additional costs of a data administer to configure and manage data in the cloud. An additional challenge for this customer was limited high-speed internet access which is not an issue for a locally installed HPC.

BioSoft Integrators HPC Solutions

Options below are configured specifically for genomic analysis but can customize based on your individual needs. Learn more to compare processing times of each configuration.

Specification /
Total Number of Cores 384 288 192 96
Total RAM (GB) 3072 2304 1536 768
Head Node (Qty) 1 1 1 1
Head Node Cores (Qty) 24 24 24 24
Head Node RAM (GB) 256 256 256 256
Compute Nodes (Qty) 15 11 7 3
Compute Cores (per Node) 24 24 24 24
Compute RAM (per Node, GB) 256 256 256 256
Head Node Storage (TB) 144 96 72 48
Head Node OS Storage (GB) 480 480 480 480
Scratch / Data Space (per Node, GB) 960 960 960 960
Switch and Network Cables Included 24 Port 10 GigE 24 Port 10 GigE 16 Port 10 GigE 16 Port 10 GigE
Switch and Network Cables Included 24 Port 10/100 24 Port 10/100 24 Port 10/100 24 Port 10/100
KVM Virtual Virtual Virtual Virtual
PDU Output 8 8 8 8
Maintenance Kit Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rack Enclosure 25 U or 42 U 25 U or 42 U 25 U 25 U
Pre-tested for burn-in to ensure reliability in the field Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pre-Installed NGS Analysis Software Yes Yes Yes Yes
White Glove Install Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remote Cluster Support 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months
Hardware Warranty 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years