Your Needs, Your Way
Discoveries in research demand evolving business models and scientific focus. With each new market change or discovery, course correction is necessary.

BioSoft Integrators knows the requisites of clients pursuing new breakthroughs in science. Financial investment is one of the top decision making criteria for research clients. BioSoft Integrators offer scalable solutions in all areas – High Performance Computing, Laboratory Information Management and in Software Development. Reliability is another necessity in research – a result needs to be reported with data to support the findings; an HPC must be dependable in every way and custom software requires minimal maintenance and consistent performance. Research clients need flexible partners in the hardware acquired (such as with an HPC) or in tailoring informatics to match the laboratory workflows and processes. BioSoft Integrators further offers varying partnership models – we are a collaborator who can manage a project from start to finish and support post-launch surveillance; or we can augment a research clients existing team.

NGS Core Lab Delivers Results

A client in a infrastructure-challenged geographic region acquired significant NGS equipment and the amount of data being generated overwhelmed facility informatic systems. BioSoft Integrators evaluated the lab workflows and data processing and archiving needs. Through consultation and optimization, a 500+ core cluster and BioSoft Integrators LabOptimize LIMS was installed within 3 months. The end result - fast, reliable, tracked results without delays in uploading data at a far lower cost than other informatic Cloud-based options.

  • Cloud-based options require fast internet infrastructure, charge access/processing/storage fees, are susceptible to security risks.
  • Other LIMS providers charge per user licenses, annual renewals, are written in proprietary languages mandating customization to be done through them.


Whether your lab is developing the next blockbuster test or processing samples that determine patient care – results are critical. BioSoft Integrators is well-versed in the many requirements necessary for diagnostics.

Track LIMS


Capturing the journey of every sample in the lab is core to what we do. Our LabOptimize LIMS is designed to record all barcodes, reagents, consumables, users, instrumentation used, and report the information in whatever way needed.


Writing SOPs ensures that our instructions are followed in a repeatable and consistent way. Our LabOptimize LIMS can automatically force that SOPs are followed.

Rules LIMS
Improve LIMS


Processes within the lab may necessitate refinement and our LabOptimize LIMS has been used to isolate areas of improvement by easily displaying trends per reagent, per user, per instrument.


New tests, analysis, processing standards require a diagnostic lab to continually grow to keep pace. Our LabOptimize LIMS has a generic building block base that allows simplified development of new or changing laboratory processes.

Analysis LIMS


As the NGS market moves toward diagnostic applications, our High Performance Computing solutions will continue to offer expanding analysis packages and rigorous security.

Many of the worlds largest diagnostic labs are using BioSoft Integrators’ products and services to improve healthcare.


BioSoft Integrators earned its genomic domain experience at the lab bench in high throughput Human Genome Project labs and at biotech start-ups. BioSoft Integrators members have all co-authored multiple research papers and are responsible for the Illumina GTS LIMS, Infinium LIMS, and Illumina LIMS platforms. We are experts in both the informatics of tracking data (LIMS) and in processing, analyzing and archiving data (HPC).

Best Practices

With literally 1,000s of consultations under our belts, we can advise on best practices involving informatics, but we are well-versed in all genomic workflows and applications – accessioning, extraction, quantification, normalization, PCR, arrays, sequencing.

Complete Knowledge

Analysis of genomic samples requires expertise in many areas and our breadth of experience from PCR to array to sequencing to custom algorithm development for bioinformatics extends a unique collaboration to our genomic clients.